Video Marketing Trends and Tips 2020

Video Marketing Trends and Tips 2020

In this digital world, videos are playing a major role in online marketing. Real videos and original product or service reviews easily attract customers. Video marketing is one of the best marketing strategies if you really want to improve your leads, sales and brand awareness.

According to the latest marketing survey, nearly 83% of marketers say videos really helps to increase the website traffic and lead generations. Some advantages of video marketing are

  • It’s good for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • It’s more cost-effective and timesaver
  • Real video gets more customer attention

Here are three video content advertising patterns you can hope to see going ahead in 2020.

1) Vertical videos – Nowadays vertical videos become very famous because most of the social media platforms like Netflix, Instagram & Snapchat use vertical videos.

2) Live streaming – Live videos become more popular these days. In this way, people directly spoke and update into social media platforms. For example Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have implemented live video functionality.

3) In-video shopping – Large clothing retailers utilize this strategy for online shopping. In this technique people can click the screen it will direct to the appropriate landing page, through this link customer directly purchase an item.

Since you have a thought of what will be famous in 2020, here are a few different ways to consolidate connecting with video clips into your campaigns this year.

1) Utilize your landing pages

A survey says related original videos on website landing pages increase the conversion rate, search ranking also it builds brand awareness, trust and decreases the bounce rate.

2) Blog post and articles

Still, you are writing long articles and post into your blog page, does u think it’s more useful than videos? Instead of wasting your time for articles and blogs, just post one real video its gets more reach and increased traffic. Nowadays people don’t waste their time to read articles so post more real and quality videos to attract the target audience.

3) Emails and newsletters

Email marketing is one of the techniques in digital marketing to increase traffic and sales. Most of the email marketers just send signup form or service related intro or product offers to their customers. Instead of that create real videos and embed the video link in newsletters and send to your target audience will increase the traffic.

4) Social media platforms

Videos play a major role in all social media platforms. Here you can upload any videos and live videos. Uploading live videos in social media platforms get more reach and traffic.

However, I trust this has given you a few thoughts on the best way to utilize this significant tool in 2020. And if you are looking for the best digital marketing company in Chennai to promote your video content then reach us at Radthutech.


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