Tips for Selecting Best WordPress Theme

Tips for Selecting Best WordPress Theme

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Today, WordPress is one of the best CMS (Content Management System). As per statistics, over 30% of the websites, blogs and web journals used WordPress CMS because it is very easy to use for all types of websites. Also, the availability of attractive and supported themes makes this CMS furthermost popular amongst users. So you can select a wide range of themes. Here are some useful tips for selecting the best WordPress themes.

1) Design is certifiably not a main factor

Although the design is a significant factor when making on a decision, it should not be your main factor. Depends on your requirements, content types, target audience and other essentials, you should choose for the correct theme. A wonderful design that is brimming with significant issues like disguised spammy links is definitely not a good decision at all.

2) Utilize dependable sources only

Anyone can download your theme is not a good idea to ensure your theme is just authority sources that are dependable. This will guarantee that the theme is liberated from spam links, coding mistakes and viruses. Perusing client’s reviews is a simple method of choosing a reliable and trusted website.

3) Stay away from complex templates

The issue with the certain theme is that they will in general slow down the website or blog so that most of the viewer’s click away never to return again. Along these lines, the one you have picked ought to be optimized and agile or you may have the risk of losing many customers.

4) Look at a demo first

Before you decide to purchase & installing a theme, remember to look at the demo first. Given underneath are a couple of components that you ought to consider when selecting a theme.

  • Visual substance
  • Helpful signs
  • Unusual grits
  • Clear textual styles

5) Cost doesn’t replicate the quality

Although paid WordPress themes are always better, they are not really the perfect decision for everybody. Actually, there are huge amounts of free WordPress themes that can also meet all your style needs and designs. In this way, checking these items is a vastly improved thought.

6) Search engine optimization matters

In this internet world, SEO is the most important factor.  Here we are not discussing complex techniques that the most experienced experts use. You simply need to guarantee that the theme adheres to the essential guidelines, for example, H1, list and subheadings and so on. With these components, you can appreciate better positioning and substantially more traffic.

7) Go for Responsiveness

Since over 60% of the present traffic originates from cell phones, it’s an unquestionable requirement to have a portable adaptation of your blog or site. As it were, your site ought to be effectively accessible on mobiles and tablets. In this way, your selected theme need to be responsive.

8) Don’t go for a common theme

Some of them were using templates from other websites or competitors site. Utilizing a common theme is certifiably not a smart thought as they will make your site or blog extremely normal looking and exhausting. You should look remarkable, shouldn’t you? In this manner, you ought to choose a theme that is sufficiently diverse to depict your own individuality.

For selecting the best theme to follow the above-mentioned tips. If anyone planning to design a WordPress website for your business then reach us at Radthutech WordPress Development Company in Chennai.

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