Social Media Trends 2020

Social Media Trends 2020

social media trends

More than 4billion individuals around the globe are on the online, and with them utilizing diverse social media platform on purchasing choices impacted by what they see, you have to create social media marketing a key piece of your general marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

Online people mostly love watching real videos, and it’s anticipated that online video will make up in excess of 82% of all consumer web traffic, by 2022. It’s demonstrated that visual substance holds client consideration for a more drawn out time, and they’re engaging and self-explanatory. Visual content like live videos and video ads are helping to connect your audience easily also help to increase brand awareness. A portion of the huge meanings of utilizing videos/visual contents are:

  • Brand Building
  • Connect your Target Audience
  • Product Showcase & Improve User Experience
  • Display Customer Testimonials

Brand Building

Facebook sends customized videos to peoples to express gratitude toward them for joining the Facebook and furthermore enables the clients to go for a walk through a world of fond memories with the “On this day” video highlight. This helps Facebook connect with its clients better and also build brand trust.

Connect your Target Audience

Uploading live videos and real videos in social media platforms about your company or services and products helps to connect your target audience easily.

Product Showcase & Improve User Experience

One quality and real video about your product help to increase sales and better user experience. To showcase your product with high-quality images and real videos in social media platform.

Display Customer Testimonials

A customer testimonial is one of the major parts. Real customer reviews and uploading testimonial videos definitely help to increase your sales and brand trust. Since nowadays people planning to buy anything online before buying people watch customer testimonials after that only they decided to buy that product or not.

Social Shopping

Social Shopping is the new ways to ecommerce brands are selling their items on the web. 81% of buyers are bound to make a buy on the web if friends and relations suggest it, which means individuals who utilize social media platforms to find new items, read client testimonial, would now be able to purchase products in application. Here are a couple of actualities to state that social shopping is picking up prominence at a fast pace:

  • 60% of individuals find items on Instagram and 78% use Facebook to discover new items.
  • 30% of buyers would purchase through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

Some other Social Media Marketing Strategies are

  • Expanding the Popularity of In-App Purchases
  • Utilizing Influencers Marketing
  • Driving Sales Using Ephemeral Content

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