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We create feature-rich mobile applications to suit your requirements. As the popularity of mobile devices at the prime, mobile applications are becoming quintessential for each and every commercial enterprise today. These smart apps serve as effective business equipment as they add cost to them, beautify their productivity, and amplify their client base. They extend the attain of the business with the aid of setting up a closer connection with the customers. With the Android and iPhone being the most widely-used devices, the demand for iOS/Android apps is the greatest. Radthutech is the leading mobile app development company in Chennai, specializes in creating feature-rich mobile functions for numerous systems and with numerous technologies. Our knowledgeable developer team comprehends the special necessities of the purchasers and comes up with viable app solutions to match. We cater to outstanding iOS & Android cell functions that are built the usage of superior technologies. The attitude we comply with while crafting these apps is to excel in each and every aspect, from the person interface to user journey and performance. Whether you are an aspiring startup or a setup brand, you can believe us to deliver specialist Mobile Application Development Services for developing the most interactive and customized mobile experiences for your customers. Mobile Application Development Services at Radthutech affords the best and most dependable solutions for remodeling your enterprise ideas into remarkable person interfaces to create apps that are successful in connecting with the consumers.

Android App Development


The Android platform is the most “in demand” platform nowadays considering the growing range of humans the usage of these devices today. Avail the understanding of professional Android developers to increase enriching Android applications to match your commercial enterprise requirements. We design and enhance robust and impervious apps for entertainment, e-commerce, travel, and more verticals to serve as the quality marketing tool. We are a distinguished android app development company with an astounding portfolio of a large wide variety of extraordinary Android apps to our credit. Our crew consists of seasoned android developers with talent in the platform as nicely as all its versions. They excel at developing progressive apps that are powered via the most superior technologies. Our substantial platform-expertise makes us successful in handing over a full range of Android app improvement offerings that are an ideal match for the client’s needs.

• Android UI/UX Design
• Android App Development
• Custom Android Apps
• Android Game Development
• Android Wear Development
• Enterprise Android Apps
• Android App Integration
• Android Maintenance and Support

IOS App Development


Engage professional iOS app developers to create superior apps that are successful in accomplishing your global customers. Our professional developers’ team makes use of the modern day software, superior app capabilities, beta testing tools, and app analytics to render the most impactful app solutions. We offer customized based  iOS app development services for iPhone and iPads and alternate the way human beings use the technology. We are the professional iOS app development company that has recognition for developing high-performance, feature-rich, and impervious mobile purposes for iOS devices. Our expert iPhone app developers have well outfitted with the contemporary iOS technologies and variations and have a prosperous platform experience too. We supply custom functions that are tailored to match the special necessities of the clients. Our different diagram and improvement system is successful in handing over a preferred ROI in the end. We cater to an entire range of iPhone software improvement services to ensure that our consumers get the whole lot they ask for.

• iOS App Design
• iOS App Development
• Custom iOS Apps
• iOS Game Development
• Enterprise iOS Apps
• iOS App Integration
• iOS App Maintenance and Support

Hybrid Mobile Application


They are no longer a good deal exclusive in terms of development however their USP lies in functionality. Hybrid apps are coded in programming languages like HTML, JavaScript or CSS. The hybrid cell app is then ‘enveloped’ within some native container. This function and element never compromise the usual overall performance of the app, however, surely makes it apt for multiple platforms. In some cases, hybrid apps are custom-made from and this system is extra time-consuming. They offer a better choice over native apps which may additionally also take comparable time for development. Our Mobile Application Development Process starts off evolved with fluid client journeys in mind. We recognize it’s now not solely about mobile app development that put assessments on your requirements, however an experience that your user can cherish for a lengthy time and that’s what we try to acquire right here at Radthutech.

Why Hybrid Mobile Application?
These mobile functions have awesome prospects. If your cutting-edge goal is to simply get an app accessible and assume about enhancements and improvements later, hybrid apps are a perfect choice. You can get your products infront of the clients quickly. App updates every now and then intrude with the experience of the user. Even if the modifications are small, you may have to add a totally new version. However, with hybrid apps, any quantity of small enhancements and tweaks can be carried out effortlessly and without interrupting the consumer experience. Our cell app improvement specialists in Chennai gives you a high-quality mobile app improvement service in Chennai. As hybrid apps use JavaScript and HTML5, they can work on gadgets working on any given platform irrespective of whether it is Android or iOS. This is viable as hybrid apps discover the platform and routinely exchange their interface respectively. Depending on the system etc.

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap
  • Framework 7
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Sencha Touch
  • Kendo UI

Why Radthutech?

We Develop Delightful Mobile Apps, Our Every App Is An Everlasting Experience. We take delight in being a mobile app development services which is aware your business wants and then we cater to quite a number development factors ranging from new development to cellular app improvement in a way which continues you facilitated and content at all times.

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App Design

  • XML
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript


  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Java&MySQL
  • React Native


  • Android Studio
  • XCode
  • SVN
  • Photoshop
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