Digital Marketing Strategies in the Internet Era

Digital Marketing Strategies in the Internet Era


Digital Marketing Strategy is the technique used to attract customers through digital media because nowadays people are more popularly in social media and mobile phones. These are the 5 main strategies used for Digital Marketing.

  1. SEO
  2. Chat boats
  3. Video
  4. Voice search
  5. AI

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used for digital marketing. In this process, we have provided users for traffic-free, faster web searches. It means we have optimized the process for products search to the users. Also, we have monitored the traffic (that’s the number of users visiting a particular website). Based on Customer’s visits, we have increased our product sales by promoting our content to the customers.


In the modern world, people become social animals like they want to communicate with other people in all things. Based on this thing, chat boats is the best technology is used in digital marketing. Companies installed the chat boats in their websites for making conversations with customers based on their queries. This technique helps companies to reduce employee in customer care support. With the support of chat boats, the companies can interact with customers in 24 x 7 and the chance to promote their products directly.


The other technique used in digital marketing is promoting videos. Like companies created their product videos and publish the same in social Media’s like YouTube, Facebook. So when the customers are visited the above sites are a chance to see the company’s ad. This technique is used to help customers for choosing their best product. Based on the user’s most subscribing videos, the companies are able to increase their productivity. Also, companies offering contest like creating Logo for their product, creating advertising videos from customer’s side. This will get attraction from customer to particular companies.


This technique is the latest trend in digital marketing. As the name itself, we have offers customers for searching for products through their voice commands. Customers are expecting unique and latest features for the product. So when we are using the voice search option, it’s a nice experience for customers to choose their products. By clicking the recording mike, the voice search technique listens to the user’s commands and choose products for them.

5) AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is a recent technique used in digital marketing. By means of advanced digitalization, we have to respond to customer’s reviews immediately and solve all their queries. With the help of AI, we can improve our sales by retargeting customers and segmentation them. It also helps the sales team to get success in customer support.

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