Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in Websites

Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in Websites

If you need to design your business website, we recommend that you keep away from the common website design errors. Maintaining a strategic distance from these mix-ups is significant as they will destroy your site and will negatively affect the user experience. We should look at those missteps.

  • Complicated Menu System
  • Poor Navigation
  • Slow Loading Speed
  • The Enquiry Form or Page isn’t Appealing
  • Audios or Videos Play Automatically
  • The Website isn’t Mobile Friendly
  • Poor SEO Methods are being utilized

1) Complicated Menu System

If customers think that it’s difficult to search for their ideal product on your site, they will get irritated. As per the latest reports, clients don’t spend over 4 seconds on a website to search for what they need. During this short-lived period, if they neglect to get what they need, they will click away. So every website should give proper information about the products or services very clearly with proper images, size, model and colour.

2) Poor Navigation

Poor navigation is another basic website design error. For visitors, travelling your website should be without inconvenience or they may get disappointed and click away. In this way, the navigation ought to be as simple as could reasonably be expected.

3) Slow Loading Speed

Preferably, the website shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 seconds to load. In the event that it takes longer, you will anticipate a decrease in site traffic. Numerous variables affect the page load time such as page content, internet speed, hosting server, not properly optimized images, etc. Among these elements, the design of a website is the most significant. Aside from this, you have to ensure that the point of landing page loads quicker than other competitor web pages.

4) The Enquiry Form or Page isn’t Appealing

The enquiry form or page is another important element in websites but most of the small business owners design their website without enquiry form function. To increase sales must add this option with proper function.

5) Audios or Videos Play Automatically

If you upload videos or audios on your website, ensure they don’t play consequently. Only the video ought to be played just when a client hits the play button otherwise if sometimes people just skip it if they don’t like.

6) The Website isn’t Mobile Friendly

Today’s increasing mobile users we must update with our site mobile-friendly to increase mobile traffic and sales. Also, Google gives more preference for mobile-friendly websites

7) Poor SEO Methods are being utilized

Poor SEO techniques will lead to decrease in website traffic. For proper indexing, crawling and organic traffic good SEO is very important.


To increase sales and traffic initially the proper website design is more important. Along these lines, we recommend that you stay away from these mix-ups regardless. If you want to design a proper & error-free website then contact our experienced designers at Web Design Company in Chennai.

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